Hey guys i got a question about installing a video card.

By IsaiasPerez77
Dec 12, 2004
  1. what is the best way or making sure that i get rid of static electricity in my body to make sure i dont fry my sistem when installing hardware??? and also if anyone can give me any pointers on how to install the video card i would appreciate it? i am installing a 9600 xt radeon video card. also how do i know if i need to upgrade my power source for my comp. i currently have a 250 watt power supply?? please feel free to give me any advice you can thanks.
  2. Nodsu

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    This should be in the Audio and Video forum.

    If you don't care about wristwraps etc then just touch an unpainted part of the computer case or PSU. That should equalise charges enough.

    As for installing the video card.. If you have to remove your old video card then uninstall the corresponding drivers. Shut down. Unplug. Open up the computer. Pray that you actually have a slot to put it in. Remove the old card if needed. Put the new card in the slot. Properly and carefully. Plug. Power up the computer and pray it works.

    Your PSU might work but you should get a new 350 watt one to be on the safe side.
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