Hey...who turned out the lights?!

By smply_cmplcted
Apr 18, 2007
  1. I recently bought a dell projector for my home lap top computer. Installation was simple enough but when I was trying to revert the image back to my lab top, the image on both the monitor and the projector disappeared :-(

    As any good fledgling seeking to remedy a situation would do I reset the computer and hoped for the best. All started out well, the windows loading screen came up but much to my dismay, the screen went blank imediately after it was finished loading. Strangely enough, the computer seems to be running fine but there is no picture on the projector or the cpu. HELP!!!

    If anyone has any idea what the problem could be I would be eternally in your debt...
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi and welcome to the TS Forum: Wave:

    Sounds like both displays have been switched off accidentally I had a similar problem with a TV out on a Voodoo 3 3000 but with me I damaged the cable to the TV leaving me with a blank PC screen.

    Turn on the laptop and as you see the XP splash screen (or a second before it appears) press the F8 key on the keyboard, this should bring up the boot menu, one of the choices is Safe mode, choose that and let the PC boot up, now if it boots up you have to remove the Video card from Device manager, its a good idea to make sure you have the drivers before hand just in case, once you have deleted the video card from device manager reboot the PC and let windows reinstall the card.

    Like I said this was how I cured it, however I found out after that all I had to do was change a setting in the registry to reenable the display, so maybe someone may have a better idea along those lines.

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