Hi all, i start with a Joke i wrote, its about Bill and heaven

By tesla
May 11, 2008
  1. When Bill came to heaven, he saw a guy sitting before the port of heaven, and asked 'Does it

    take long before one is allowed into heaven? How long are you waiting?". The guy responded,

    "Well i am here for 60 years now, i wasn't good enough to be allowed into heaven, and not bad

    enough to be send to hell.". Suddenly Angels came, and the angels started to sing, the door to

    heaven started opening, and it was God himself who came out and said "Come in, my dear mr Gates,

    we have to celebrate your arrival.." And God looked to the right, and said to the guy who was

    sitting there for 60 years: "I had to let you wait, actually you will be allowed into heaven

    quite soon, just wait another few weeks!"

    Never ever heaven was so full of angels celebrating the coming of a person, the guy who waited

    60 years wondered, "Why are they celebrating so much?, i have seen thousands, yes, milions

    people coming and never there was a celebration like this."

    The last day of the celebration of Bill's arrival Gabriel opened the port to heaven, and said to

    the guy, "God wants to see you, your are allowed in..." The guy was amazed, God kept his

    promise. While they where walking onto God's chair, they started discussing, why they celebrated

    the coming of Bill.

    "Well Gabriel said, Bill Gates was so rich, he even bribed God and Jezus themself."
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