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Aug 8, 2009
  1. I still consider myself quite a novice, but have been through a lot with my computer. I have a 1998 Windows OS (stop laughing) with a Pentium III. Since getting it, I have installed changed out the CD drive 4x (kids!), last one was a CD/DVD burner. Have added a 512 memory stick, brought my computer back from the brink of destruction (I couldn't even get a DOS logon) when my son brought in a virus...let's just say BIOS and I became very good friends. Installed XP SP2. Also added the do-hickey (is that too technical for a novice?) so I could hook up an ethernet cord (yes, my computer is ancient!)

    I'm looking for a free place to learn more about my computer. I've been reading up, but am frustrated when I know I should be able to do something, but just don't know how...you can't learn much taking it to some tech dude(tte) to fix it for you.

    Party on Garth

    VALDASHA TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oops - I thought I put this in Introductions...guess I'm more novice than I thought...
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