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Jun 28, 2007
  1. Hey I'm new around here, good to be in though, hope you have much info because I don't have any, ha ha ha so your my saviing grace (maybe) good to be on.
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    Hi thanks for that I definitly will look around. I have much to learn but am enjoying getting into trouble shooting which is one of the main reasons why I got into this. So thanks again.
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    Hi wamos7 how are U? I'm posting this from Amsterdam airport using a wireless hotspot.
  5. wamos7

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    Hey good one

    Hi I'm interested in fault finding and all there is to know about the mother board parts and how they work. Also all there is to know about loading programms and how it changes the power supply voltage from what it has to what it needs to serve the new programms that may have been installed. how it may change resistance capacitance and others.
    Kool well maybe not but Idid radio tech and would like to further that in the computer. Any way fault finding in a COMPUTER IS THE BASICS FOR ME.
    Good to hear from you, maybe you can help me I dont know.
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    Welcome to Tech Spot!
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    Hi is there a quick way of determaning the voltage needed when a new programme is placed in your 1.3G Celeron processor, 382mb SCRam comp.with CD_RW, and say a 16xDVD Writer?
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