Hi, another newbie signing up

Jul 30, 2008
  1. Hi PCPAUL here,
    I'm yet to work my way around the forum to figure thing out and how to find my way. Would like to introduce myself. I Guess to a computer wizz I would be a no brainer and to a beginner I'd have half a brain but I do know my way around most problems I come across and am always happy to scratch my head when in doubt. Most of all I'm friendly and helpful when I can be.

    I have come across my first big head scratcher though with a Motherboard upgrade I am trying to get going. MOBO is an : ABIT IB9 which when installed and loaded XP gave message at Bluescreen error page suggesting hard drive has virus which it does not as I tested and formatted on my old computer. It did also give error codes to investigate but I'm not sure where to search that out. Anyway that would be a start to me introducing myself. Now it's time to start searching out answers and seeing if I can solve my issues and maybe help others in the process. Cheers Paul
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