Hi...crappy computer here

By slider2490
Nov 15, 2006
  1. Hey

    I'm your average college student...eat ramen and chilly everyday. Seriously, i do. Working on the whole girlfriend thing...not working out to well. Uh...had some computer problems and i found you guys. Posted my problem but still waiting for a response no hurry though cause my comp still works just annoying sometimes. Yeah well hello and have a nice day.
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    We've been waiting for you. Ramen noodles are a food group. And all that chili is probably the stem of your girlfriend problems:dead: .Welcome , none the less.
  4. slider2490

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    The root of all evil

    Yes ramen is a food group and i cant live without chili so screw the girlfriend...kidding. I'll slow down on the chili till i hook one. Then the gorging will begin.
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