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Jun 3, 2009
  1. Hi, i have a compaq presario s5290uk and it has ati radeon 9200 graphics card with 128 mb of vidio memory .my son has a game that he bought and cant play on the computer can anyone give me a clue what graphics card to get that will fit this computer i was just going to buy one off E.bay. i upgraded the memory to 1256mb thinking that would help but no joy, the game he is silent hunter 4 if that is any help. With Thanks Kalum .
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    system requirements

    what might be the problem is that the graphics card might not the match the required system preferences that is required to play the game, on the game box there should be a small white box that states the system requirements, just a bit of info these requirement are just the minimum that is needed. id did some research on the graphics card that will work for the game this what you need to purchase for the computer. graphic card 256MB (Geforce 6600
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    i cant find your computer anywhere to look up what type of interface you have, but the 9200 came in agp and pci configurations. silent hunter 4 is a relativlely newer game (2007) the site says so if you have an AGP slot your probably going to want something like this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102730. not alot of agp cards left. the 3650 would be a option as well. for about $ 65.00
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    Thanks for taking the time will have alok and see what i sort out .
    With Thanks
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  6. kalum

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    Thank you for you time will look into it and let you no how i get on .
    With Thanks
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    you do not need that specific card to play the game. the graphic card requirements are a 'xxxx or better' the capabilities of the 6600 are a guidline for the minimum or recommended card needed for playabilty. so dont knock yourself out looking for that specific card. the cards i listed will indeed work just fine (even better) than the 6600. hope that helped :)
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