Hi, Everyone. I am new here and very lost in computer tech.

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Jan 12, 2006
  1. I am not sure of all the info to put on the profile thing about my system. I actually just got the sound to work again on my computer, but I need help really bad on my Internet explorer 6. It says error can not find server. I am having nightmares now about the server error. I will try hard to follow any directions anyone may be able to assist me with. I try to go to a game site I am a member of but it hardly ever loads. Occasionally it does but after playin the game when it loads new screen for next round it seems to freeze and then if i hit refresh it says the server error. I dont know what the deal is so please help me, and Thank You in advance. I am terribly lost for brains in the know your own computer area. Thanks
  2. DonNagual

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    Hello, and welcome to techspot!

    It sounds to me like there is either a problem with the website you are trying to access, or there is a problem with your internet connection (one of the two). Cannot find server means it is not able to access the INTERNET server which is holding the website you are trying to access.

    When you say you just got the sound to work again, you were having problems with sound? Or... did you recently do something like re-install windows for any reason?
  3. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    A few things for you to try.

    Right click IE, and select properties. Click on the delete cookies button, and click ok. Then click on the delete files button. Tick the box that says delete all off line content, and click ok.

    Download the Ccleaner programme from HERE Install, and run the programme.

    Also. Do yourself a favour, and download and install Firefox from HERE.

    Stop using IE except for Windows updates.

    Let us know if it helps.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  4. cyclonicblade

    cyclonicblade TS Rookie

    Another thing to try if U use dial-up is listen for ANY noise in the line when talking on the phone. also if the problem mostly occurs on the game site some games require a highspeed connection. if u have high-speed internet or the problem happens all the time you might want to consider calling your ISP provider and going through the connection settings. And yes Fire Fox RULES. the Stumble Apon Plug-in really is neat.
  5. martysmeeechell

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    Hi, Yes I re did the os, windows xp and lost sound driver, found it, but always hated internet explorer. thanks by the way for tip on fire fox I love it so far, and the ccleaner is awesome as well but now that i have that all on here, my computer will not load some tabs on the game site and it says the game is loading for like 10 minutes then occasionally says dropped the loading page because of time and sometimes it now says java error. I went to the java console and tried to set it to the mozilla.firefox and I believe netscape is listed with that option but it says check to see if firefox is installed correctly and that i have permission to change the settings. I am getting a windows 32 error as well. It also sometimes says update exe has encountered an error.
  6. cyclonicblade

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    cntrl,alt,delete and the click the networking tab whats the connection speed and what is the game site requiring. do you have a protection suite of some sort mine was blocking update untill i set the firewall for it
  7. cyclonicblade

    cyclonicblade TS Rookie

    ohh Also having multable tabs loading on firefox is going to take longer to load unless u load them 1 @ atime unless u have a highspeed connection but this may have nothing do do with your error thats poping up

    Just a little info

    Cyclonicblade@yahoo oh im in NC too
  8. cyclonicblade

    cyclonicblade TS Rookie

    After a reinstall I had to call microsoft to get help reloading update into the regerstry once.
  9. martysmeeechell

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    Still No Luck

    Hi, Thanks for the help from everyone, but I still am getting errors and update. exe, error popping up, as well as now firefox is messing up. Which it worked so well last night and today it keeps saying page not found. I have cleaned out all the cookies/ cache folders and reset computer, I also tried to get the information you asked about from the ctrl/alt/delete process but the thing that usually comes up with all the info on it wont come up at all now. It's driving me mad. I played some of the games on the web site I am a member of (paying member) so I would like to be able to use my subscription, anyway I played there last night and the games loaded, most did, and they were just very slow, they paused alot for two or three minutes during game play not like normal when you complete the board and tehy reload but while the game was actually going. I am playing on http://www.pogo.com if this helps any. Thanks Again! Oh and I love firefox and really want to get it to par with my puny working system. lol, thanks
  10. martysmeeechell

    martysmeeechell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Please Help!! The update.exe is worse.

    The error info says, C:/DOCUME`1\THESTA`1\LOCALS`1\TEMP\WER54a8.DIR00\UPDATE.EXE.MDMP

    It is getting worse now popping up a whole lot more often, and repeatedley. Please if anyone can help I would so appreciate your time, Thanks!! :confused:
  11. Fenunn

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    If it pops up, then get pop-up blocker
  12. hewybo

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    Haven't seen anyone suggest it, and don't know if it might help-but, have you run a couple or three good anti-spyware scans? Anti-virus scans?
    AdAware SE and Micro$oft Antispyware Beta are excellent, and free. MS Beta at Micro$oft website, AdAware at www.lavasoft.com AVG antivirus is free at www.grisoft.com. Even if these don't help with your current problem, they are essential to your system's health. Good luck- one of the guys around here with brains will help ya figger it out! :)
  13. martysmeeechell

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    I will do that, anything has to be a better help than doing nothing. Especially for me because I am in the non computer brainy club also. Thanks for your help. By the way, to the one who suggested I need the pop up blocker, LOL, Yeah, um!!! Well lets see, errors with the system, I would really like to get advice on fixing not blocking, I am really not sure but I think they pop up for a reason. It isnt like a regular pop up. Adware wise type, popup. It is actually a system error warning and asks me to send in report so they can determine problem and I guess work on ways to prevent it from happening to future internet users, LOL, That helps me none. I do have a great cleaning program and pop up blocker. I have no other pop ups at all, just the error. Thanks.
  14. howard_hopkinso

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  15. hewybo

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    I believe that the "System error" warning you are getting is adware, and when/if you respond, they will inform you that you have 2,468,901 errors on your system, and they can fix them, if only you buy their program!

    Follow Mr Hopkinso's advice. It is sound! :grinthumb
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