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By deadhusband
Sep 11, 2008
  1. Im new to this forum, so I have been reading various threads about BSOD. I have come across similiar probably that I am currently experienceing. but no real way on how to fix my problem. I have win32k.sys file BSOD. I do not have the original CD that came with my computer when I purchased it. So I can not boot it in any mode ie: safe, last known, safe with command prompt...etc. I tried creating a bootable disk from a website online. but when I tried using it the second of six disk was corrupt. My wife is about to kill me...hence deadhusband, cuz she has all our kids pictures stored on there and has asked me for years to back them up and I have never done it.
    pls if there is any possible way of getting this back. I would greatly appreciate the help
  2. Mantis447

    Mantis447 TS Rookie

    I believe you may want to post this to another area of this forum. I believe this is reserverd for 'introductions'.... but I am thinking you are at the right site...

    I would recommend posting this error on the WIndows OS area....

    Also, I'm no expert... but I believe it should be possible to get all of the data (i.e. kids pictures) from the disk.

    Good Luck.
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