Hi from azulejo

By azulejo
Jan 13, 2009
  1. Just saying "hi". Often in the past came across posts on this forum when I've been hunting for an answer for something on my pc . Always found the site helpful. Thought it was about time I joined.
    I've had my desktop for about 7 years. Its a Sony PCV-RX305 with extra memory added, & another internal hard drive. It came with Windows Home XP- The times I've wished it was Pro version or that had a the Window OS disc.. Still it does.
    Fairly recently acquired a Sony laptop AR71ZU. That got Vista SP1 Ultimate. Some problems there which won't go into right now.

    I'm a lover of Photoshop. Currently using CS4 Extended. If had more time I'd learn more. Love editing though- a really enjoyable voyage. Bit like my pushbike- always enjoyed tweaking it more than riding it..

    Other interests- well photography; guitar; music and films, and Neil Young !
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