Hi from Rochester, NY

By ArtoShirt
Mar 22, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I'm new here and just dropped by to say hi. These boards are the best cpu tech boards around, I've found many a solution to my problems right here. So I figured that I would sign up so that I can post too.

    I do some computer repair on the side as a hobby. All of my friends, family and customers use me as their computer guy. But most of what I do is just research on the fly. The issue of malware is the biggest problem I see with any cpu. So a site devoted to helping people slow down the spread of said enemy is just the site for me. Also there's all kinds of other tech stuff here, but my big thing is stopping malware.

    My main job is Operations Manager for a mid-sized T-shirt printing shop. I love my job and I have the best crew that you could possibly ask for. Everyone always asks me how they can get a shirt made, so I'll answer that here. You can visit our online shop and make you own shirt and we'll ship it to you for free. (see my signature at the bottom to come see us)

    I'm also a Patriots fan and I am still reeling from the SB loss. I run a fan club in Rochester NY, we have tons of fun watching the games. I run the fan club web site as well, but I do a terrible job as you will see if you visit my t-shirt site or my patriotsny site, but it's fun and it's not my main job anyway. I'm learning as I go, as I would assume the rest of us are.

    See you in the forums and thanks to the people who run this great site!!
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