Hi guys and gals

By dave2010
Dec 6, 2008
  1. I've recently joined TS and have a particular interest in wireless systems.

    Currently I'm exploring extending my wireless ranges to cover a black hole in my house, and another rather tedious investigation is to configure a wireless printer.

    I seem to be converging on solutions to exending wireless coverage by the addiition of two ZyXel 660 HWP routers which are linked together by a 200 Mbps HomePlug link - using the mains.

    i have had it working, and I have been able to roam wirelessly around without dropping the broadcast on a mobile unit. There are a few issues about DHCP though, and also which router layout to use. I can either work with the two ZyXel routers, or I can use my original Netgear router and link it to the others with an ethernet cable.

    I won't go into further technical details here - but that is a brief outline of my current technical interests. Other interests include music (classical mostly), the use of online software for communities, and whether communities function "naturally", plus a general interest in science and mathematics.

    Well - we were asked to introduce ourselves!
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