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Apr 1, 2007
  1. I hope that title doesn't disqualify me, as that is my greeting almost everywhere I go. Anyone that knows me will know it is me because of such. I am a single mother raising 2 of my 3 children. My eldest is almost 20, so she lives on her own now. :) Anyway, I have had my computer for about 6 years now, and believe it or not, I still know practically nothing about it. I know how to play a mud game (which is why I got the computer) and use yahoo and visit various sites such as this one. I would like to learn more, but feel that old saying is in effect for me, "can't teach an old dog new tricks". LoL. I do want to learn. I hope everyone is having a great time, and a great day.

  2. Xorior

    Xorior TS Rookie Posts: 19

    You are so kind. And it's never too late to learn. When i need to find something or learn something, I just go to a search engine like Yahoo or Google and search for it. I always find the info I need, it's the information highway. And if you have any technical problems you can't figure out there, you can come here to the forums and TechSpot will try and help. That's what we're all here for :). I just joined a couple days ago...

    ... and I am having a Great day! :wave:
  3. Jesse_hz

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    Welcome to TechSpot, stormyhalfelf_1!

    Since you are new, I would recommend you to read the first and third links in my signature.

    Here are five very good tips:

    - read the stickies before posting
    - do a search before posting
    - use meaningful thread titles when posting, that accurately describe your problem
    - use the 'Edit' button if you're the last person to post a reply
    - put any information about your computer(s) in your public profile

    "can't teach an old dog new tricks" - mythbusters busted that one :)

    I'm pleased to meet you and hope to see you around the forums! :)

    Kind Regards Jesse ;)
  4. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 2,154   +6

    Hi, welcome to TechSpot! :wave:

    Please be sure to read the guide in my signature and to search Google and the TS forums before posting any questions. Enjoy your stay at TS!

    Regards :)
  5. IronDuke

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    You've won half the battle then.
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