hi, i am new here want to say hi

By ladylonewolf
Dec 11, 2005
  1. Hi , to all, i am new in here and new to computers also , so hope you don't think i am all that dumb, am to computer's. i have been reading some messages in the forums and i tried some of your ideas, but am still haveing problems with freezing.i went into the evergreen or everclear what ever that is , to get the info on my system , but you might as well of handed me a letter in spanish or german or something , for all the sense i could make out of anything .I am feeezing when i play games mostly.i do know i have 512 ram and it's not even half used, but with driver updates, disk clean and defragment it still hasn't helped, i have a fan on it to keep it cool also. nothing works. HELP!!
    THANKS DJ :bounce: :bounce:
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Hi and welcome, why the thumb down?
  3. ladylonewolf

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    thumbs down

    :bounce: this is me since i got this dell, i had an HP before this dell and i really loved it ,it got stolen by someone i gave a home to for a while.with friends like that who needs enimies ,right?anyway i have been having fits with this ever since i got it .i start playing games and for a few minutes it will be fine then it starts freezing on me, mouse doesn't freeze just the game and internet explorer says not responding, i'll click the mouse a few times and it breaks it loose. i've defragged, disk cleaned ,updated ,did everything i know how to do which isn't much.but it hasn't helped, i'm ready to throw it out the front door.can you help me stop bouncing :bounce: DJ
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