hi. im a newbie so i need some help here

By ArchVileTRE
Jul 11, 2003
  1. this is my first post on this board so im honored. anyway back to the main topic.

    i have been wanting a new video card for some time now. ive been stuck with a voodoo3 2000 PCI card for almost 4 years. then i decided to buy a new one. a geforce4 mx440, during the same amount of time my brother got a brand new system. im talkin the works. he was usin a voodoo5 5500 which is powerfulk but kinda old. his new motherboard only supported 1.5 voltage so he took my geforce4 and i was stuck with the voodoo3. cause i couldnt use the voodoo5 in my case cause its a huge card.

    finally just last week i bought a FIC radeon 9000 pro card. i just wanna know if it was a good idea to get this card or should i have gotten somthing else. wll this new card support games like unreal 2k3, metal gear solid 2 substance, and splinter cell? are they gonna be clear or was this card a bad investment
  2. iss

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    There is nothing wrong with the radeon 9000 pro as long as you realize it is an entry level budget graphics card. it is certainly more powerful than what you had. and it compares well to still decent cards such as the G3 ti200.

    dont be fooled by the G4 mx series most are nothing more than overclocked geforce 2's and are not even full DX8.1 capable the 9000 pro is.
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    Just a little friendly advice, a helpful subject line will get you a lot more responses. If people know your problem people who might know the answer will look, others will just pass it by.

    Take a look at this guide for help in posting.
  4. Dantrag

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    the 9000 pro isnt a bad card it a powerful budget card and is mutch faster than a geforce4 mx the fx5200 might of been a better buy but you'll get desent frame rates with a 9000 pro
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