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Jan 23, 2009
  1. I am hoping you lovely people can help me cut a long story short!
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    Welcome to the forum. Be sure to read all the guides, then a few of the posts by others so you see how we can sometimes help, then post more detail on your query.
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    Got another virus (I think)


    I've just come out of hospital from having had a hysterectomy, so the last thing I feel like facing is running the 8-step vurus removal. I think we've got a virus because the date keeps on changing and then, when we change it back again, it messes with the date of our anti-virus daily update. I couldn't understand why it wasn't carrying out it's daily update so went into the schedule. The next date for the update was 27.03.16409! I have corrected it but this sort of thing seems to occur often.

    I have decided to get myself a laptop with 3 G RAM, so I'm not really bothered about this silly computer. Maybe my partner can run the 8-steps over the weekend under my guidance. My partner already has a laptop and purchased the wireless thingymygummy, but when he went to insert the chip into the stick it wouldn't work. I have had a look at it and I can't work out what is wrong, so we will take it back to the shop and get another one.

    I am posting all this here just to let you know I am still in the land of the living but I don't expect your help or comments on any of the above.

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    Just for interest which Antivirus were you using?
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    The free verson of Avira, which I am not very impressed with because it scans every day and finds nothing, yet when I run your 8-steps it finds plenty!

    The trouble is I am vulnerable at the moment. One of my relatives uses another hotmail address I have. I got an email from Hallmark saying I had received a card, addressed to my email address. I thought it was from this relative because we are in touch regularly. Any hyperlink in an email doesn't work on our computer, even if we hold CONTROL down and press the hyperlink simultaneously. So I copied the address and posted it into the Internet. Thank goodness our firewall blocked it because it was a virus.

    I have since received several more Hallmark card emails and have immediately deleted them.


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    Firewalls don't block Viruses
    Avira is fantastic
    And it doesn't scan everyday by default
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