hi, I'm new. need camera/video help!

By todteach
Jul 19, 2004
  1. Hi, I have an HP photosmart 635 camera, and I use a scan disk card with 128mb on it. I have te video function on my digital camera and some of the videos I have taken are side ways, how do I edit this? It says I can do it in the camera itself, but when I put the card back in, the images could not be shown, and I even transferred them back to the card from the comp. It says the card is empty, but if I put it in the comp and open it the video's are there. Anyway, I use Windows Media Player, WINDVD, Shockwave whatever, Can I flip the videos on any free downloadable programs, or inexpensive ones at least????? Help! Chris :blush: todteach@cox.net
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