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By bazerk20
Jun 21, 2009
  1. Hey, i found this site after inputting the following keywords into google:- hjt post log

    So here i am :) Any how im currently trying to sort out my pc coz its got infected a bit with trojans etc. Anyway im into online gaming, currently playing on cod5 although i prefer cod4 and sometimes still play it, so modern warefare 2 is well anticipated, i also own a wii, a ps3, a ps2 fat, a ps2 slim, an xbox, an xbox360. My PC is a custom build by me, which has EVGA 680i board, Intel E8400 core2duo cpu 45nm wolfdale @ stock speed 3.0 Ghz using a stock hs+f. Leadtek Winfast 8800 gts 320mb, Corsair dominator DHX ram 2x2gb, Cooler Master Praetorian 731 Tower Case. 500 watt Viper Psu. 4 x 120gb maxtor sata hdd's raid 0 running Windows Xp. Was running Win Vista ultimate on 2 of the drives raided 0 but one drive kept becoming disconnected and eventually only booted up to a black screen with a mouse pointer which i could control, but dead apart from that. So until i upgrade my case and hdd's i will not be putting Vista back on the 2 Maxtors as they are now quite old and are becoming unreliable and according to people who are using Windows 7 there is no chance of going back to Vista as it is like running a load of bloatware. Eventually i will install Windows 7 on a couple of new Samsung spinpoint F1's striped when i get the spare money :)

    Well i hope to see u guys around, and thanks 2 all that run the site and help out.

  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Welcome! We hope to learn a lot from you.
    Be sure to read the guides, as they will make your posts more effective.
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