Hi. Not sure which forum to post my problem to

By libby1
Sep 14, 2008
  1. Hello . New member here . I apologize if this is not the correct place to put this . I did a search of forums and found some similar . However they had either been locked by the time I found them or the remedies mentioned did not wholly apply to my older system ( Windows Me ) . I did a scan using SuperAntiSpyware which found some trojans and a couple of Registry entries . I have also found some entries in my Add/Remove Programs files which cannot be removed . I have read the Updated Viruses/Spyware/Malware preliminary Removal Instructions which consists of 8 steps . I have problems with Step 1 ( Temporarily Disable Real Time Monitoring Programs ) . I know some of my programs which I should disable but I am not sure about other programs . I have downloaded Ccleaner mentioned in Step 3 but I am hesitant to use it as I am unfamiliar with it and I understand it can cause problems if the wrong items are "cleaned" . Step 4 mentions to download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware . Unfortunately they do not support my Windows Me . I have downloaded Hijackthis mentioned in Step 7 . Therefore it looks like the only logs I could post would be from SuperAntiSpyware and Hijackthis . Would this be sufficient or would I need more ? I would also like to know if I should run scans in Safe Mode and also enable " Show hidden files and folders " and uncheck " Hide file extensions for known file types " and also uncheck " Hide protected operating system files " ? Could you also tell me which forum would be best to post this in ? Again I am sorry if this is a breach of this forums etiquette but I really need help here and had no idea where else to post this . I thank you in advance for any help you can extend .
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    Hi libby1 :wave: and welcome to TechSpot

    You may want : Security and the Web forum for your issue

    To access technical support you will need to go to Here

    It is also customary to post your system specs in your Profile

    You can also access many online TechSpot guides Here

    Before posting please read Posting Guidelines Here

    How to make a good Post/Thread Guide

    Enjoy your Stay :)


    hi a am new

    not sure if i should post my question here, however i have a hp pavilion ze4600 and the bios is asking me for a password. however i read some things on this site concerning hash codes and stuff like that. idon't know how to get a ahsh code or how you go about to generating them or even how to insert it and bypass the bios password. i would really appreciate it in advance and hope that i could get a positive result on this issue.;)
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    I'm jstasney "Jeff".
    Just dropping in for guidance on my Dell upgrade.

    This looks like a great place for that.

    I'll make my way to hardware upgrades now.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jeff :cool:
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