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By Destrover
Dec 14, 2009
  1. hi everyone im here to get some info if anyones got some good knowlegde bout this topic here.. i had a reply on this topic about the 2gig ram installation..

    topic118976-2.html <-- wont let me post links >.>

    i sir am having this problem now, windows 7 will not let me install clean install with over 2gigs of ram on my Asus a7n8x-e deluxe mobo, altho it will let me install clean on my p5p800 mobo, (witch is an older board, no?)

    anyway i tryed everything and finally came to the point where i took out the ram sadly all my ram works and i have to lose a 512mb stick to enjoy windows 7 as it seems. the install is going on now. i dont know if main board updates are going to be useful here since the bios has been flashed already from awhile ago, (and the same update remains for this board on asustech from ages ago.) if any of you got the awnser to solving how i can use my 512mb on the last ram slot (since there are only 3 to use on this board), it would be greatly appreciated.

    fyi i can use all my ram on my p5p800 machine wich has 4 slots and windows 7 uses all of it and installs on that mobo (3gigs total, 2x1gig + 2x512mb). xp also installs fine on BOTH mobos btw, just windows 7 wont on the asus delux board.
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