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By kwabou
Feb 14, 2007
  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm Rick... and I have computer problems ("High Rick..." said all at once in monotone voices).

    I've posted a thread about my monitor ports not working properly here, and I've also got another question. Anyone know how to set up Trillian Astra alpha with Tor as a proxy so I can bypass my school's Firewall? Stupid Wright State internet policy.

    OK, a little about myself... I'm a freshman at Wright State University, majoring in Computer Engineering... Doesn't seem to be helping too much yet, does it? Unlike many people, I like Microsoft and hope they succeed. Having tried Vista Beta 1, I believe it will be amazing and an incredible update to Windows. I tried Ubuntu once and didn't like it. I tried to use it to fix a stupid problem I created in XP, but since I couldn't get it to write to NTFS I just installed over it with a second XP and fixed the problem from there. I still need to get rid of that... If you feel like it, go ahead and IM me sometime.

    That's about it... I'm not very exciting...

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