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Hi to all

By nork
Dec 23, 2005
  1. Im new here. I have been at a professional site where i helped a lot of people with their computer problems. I'm moving from that site to find another one where i can be of help and receive help when needed. I didnt get along with one guy. Bugger knows his stuff, more than me, and i made no bones about it, just that he was rude. Funny thing is that i really liked that site because the owners dont allow rudeness, swearing, etc. Except for this guy, he knows so much they let him be rude, lol. Nuf complaining, lol.

    I do custom computer builds and repairs on a part-time basis, mostly repairs.

    I also do charity work as well, take in old pcs and parts and make pcs out of them, they go to schoolkids who dont have one at home.
    I take in stuff from P3 and up. Since its a reg'd charitable org i can give receipts and such, pay for shipping. Works out good for the donator as well in a lot of cases.

    Funny way is how i got into puters in the first place. In the days when a standard pc cost a lot of money, i saw an ad for a pc priced well below current market, it was a P2-450. I ordered it, not knowing that these unscrupulous people take 3 months to ship the pc so the prices can come down. Anyway i got the pc in parts basically. I had to start from scratch and I knew nothing about the inside of a case. But friends got me thru it and when i retired a few years later i swore to learn, learn, learn. Course now i build my own and i know the tricks, the ins and outs, etc.

    But there is so much to learn one never does learn it all, its impossible!
    I'm smart enuf to know i dont know it all, thats for sure! Still, prolly a bit lippy sometimes, lol. I have my own way of doing things, i dont believe in scandisk, norton, and a few other things like that, but an up to date a\virus, anti\malware and registry edit is a must. And, i can tell ya i have been running the same win xp pro setup on my MSI Neo mobo for 3 or 4 yrs now and its still running fine, so i must do something right, lol. I run this baby 16 hrs a day, every day, tons and tons of progs on it.

    Thats about it, hope this is a good place for me, seems to be so far. I tried another place, a place that advertises itself as a professional place, but i dont like the setup at all, the threads didnt run on one page like this and most other forums. The setup here is a normal, standard forum setup and i havent seen a forum setup thats as good or better than this type, so here i am.
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