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Sep 19, 2003
  1. My name is gavi and i have been playing around with pc's since my first one - a screaming 286-10. the last pc i built is an athlon 1800+ on an asus a7v333 mobo with 512mb of samsung pc2700 ddr ram, an 80gb maxtor 7200 ata133 and a 60gb maxtor 5400 ata 133, nvidia mx200 w/64mb ram, sound blaster audigy, tdk 24/10/40 and an old memorex 8/4/32 cd-rw's, w2k pro. i am an a+ certified technician and have worked in the tech support field for the last three years, currently as tier 3 support for roadrunner in the tampabay, fl region. i am not big on pc games hence the relatively low end graphics card but i do enjoy solving problems. i have a small network w/my son's pc(which i also built) and as is the case w/most pc geeks run tech support for my 85 yr. old mother
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    lol :)


    let me be the first to welcome you to Techspot!

    Hope you enjoy your stay, all the people here are nice and know their sh1t ;)
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    Pleased to meet you. I hope you enjoy being a member here, and we shall enjoy having you!
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    Welcome to Techspot
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    Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay :)
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    Welcome to Techspot... I hope to be A+ certified by next semester! Glad to have you here.
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    Welcomet to techspot! Enjoy your stay.
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