HI ! Very excited to be hear and hope to learn a lot !

By cyrusroe
Mar 4, 2005
  1. HI ! Very excited to be here and hope to learn a lot !

    Hey guys nice to meet you all !

    I'm currently an art student studying animation and I'm surrounded by both PC's and Mac's often. I am, however, a PC user at heart, and I built my own system that I use Photoshop, Maya, and various other programs on in order to get my work done.

    I hope not to sound arrogant when I say this, but compared to my peers at my school I tend to know a lot more about computers then most of them do, so as you can imagine I tend to be surrounded by people that can't quite supply answers to my thirst for knowledge. Thats one of the main reasons why I joined this site. I've already recieved LOTS of help from reading various threads throughout your forums. Most of the threads I've read were given to me from a Google search whenever I had a problem, so hopefully you will see me as a person that TRIES to research his problem for asking a question, because sometimes I try to search for answers using google but much of the tech jargon I read is not very easy to understand. I guess a good way to explain my computer knowledge status is that I grew up playing with Legos, so when I wanted to built my own PC it just saw it as advanced legos with software, hehe. So as a result, I've also become an experienced end user that is able to learn a program faster than most people.

    However, this is where my knowledge starts to dwindle, because thats where i think programming enters, which is something i know very little about. Well I should say that I am familiar with the fact that there are various computer languages used in order to talk to the hardware to tell it what to do, but as far as actually creating a program i have no idea how to use those languages, such as BASIC, C++ and the rest of them whatever they are called, although if I had the time between art school, i would be very interested in learning them. In fact i've heard that BASIC is (forgive the pun) very basic and easy to learn, but I simply haven't picked up a book to learn it and such.

    Well anyways I don't want to ramble for too long, so I'll just end by saying that I hope to learn a lot from you guys and I'll try to do my research before I ask any potentially stupid questions.

    Thx very much,
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    Hello and Welcome to techspot. :wave: :wave:
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