Hi you all... Looking Fwd 2 Ur Answers

By Senior Oldtimer
Mar 25, 2009
  1. After a few years at the Smart Computing Magazine Q&A Forum, am looking forward to meeting new friends at the TechSpot Family of Forums.

    Am in my early seventy or eighties. Don't really want to say (LOL)...

    Sufficient to say that in that age where facts are forgotten and questions unexpectedly arise...

    Have been computing since the Commodore PCs and more actively since my 1st formal PC, an Amkley 486 EISA/ISA DX 33, 8MB Memory and a 120 MB HDD, that came in the early nineties era.

    I avidly mess around with my PCs and experiment a lot, while getting in trouble; but that's a way to learn, and forget, for me. So questions are sure to follow from my corner.

    Hi Bobbie, heard you post here now... Looking forward to saying hi again.

    Thanks in advance, S O-t
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Welcome S O-t! It's very nice to 'see' you! I always admired that you have stuck with the computer- and whenever you asked something, the question came from knowledge. We can forget some of the 'stuff' but the background shows through.

    I remember the Commodore days too- I have a 64, no hard drive, had a gazillion disc that I saved to. I think the 'kids' of current days really missed hands on learning!

    We have some great helpers here- it's good because the board are divided according to subject or type of question. So we can go wherever we are more knowledgeable. But you will also see many who have an awesome number of posts and been around for a while. They have helped me greatly.

    Very true my friend! Let us know if you need help getting out of the 'trouble.'
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