By Ruthe
Apr 29, 2008
  1. I live in Duluth, GA, the home of the (original) run-away bride. She lived 2 blocks away. The media camp-out was unbelievable.

    I have had several computers over more than 20 years. I started with a trash 80. I had a Gateway that lived for over 10 years. In fact, I only tossed it this year since it was a 486 and that was painful. But I could play all the old cool games on it since I had figured out how to put DOS 6.0, Windows 3.5?, Win95, and Win98 on it. I was going to put Linux on it but got scared. I wouldn't buy another Gateway for the world now that I've read all about the eMachines!

    Currently I have an eMachine (piece of junk? maybe, but it was free) running Win XP home, a Micron (1999) STILL running thank you with Win98, a Compaq (inherited and don't remember the OS), and (my baby) a PowerSpec (2004) with Win XP Pro: and that's why I'm joining. I don't know all the specs yet, but I'll update them later.

    I've made a lot of mistakes with software and hardware in the past, but I keep learning. And I found there are an awfully lot of nice people out there that write free (or cheap) GREAT software and others that give of their time and expertise. All these to help people like me. I am SO grateful!

    I have read a lot of posts here over the years. I'm sure you all have helped me in the past. And I thank you.
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