High pitch sound from Realtek AC97 after re-installation

By shahrooz
May 28, 2007
  1. Hi everybody. Here's the problem I've been facing for the past 3 days and couldn't figure it out. I formatted my PC and re-installed win XP pro. The PC is a 2004 Compaq Presario SR1010v with onboard Realtek AC97 sound card. My Win XP Pro CD was old and didn't even have SP1 embedded in it. Long story short, after installing everything, the speakers are mute. Played around it a little bit, checked www.hp.com for driver archives which are categorized per model and year, found the one for sound card, downloaded it and unzipped all stuff onyo the hard drive. Now, Device manager doesn't recognize appropriate driver. Heh? How come? So I thought "stupid device manager! It's right here!" I manually feed the driver and update driver. Checked speakers... bingo! There's sound. Then I insert a DVD movie in the DVD player of the PC, get ready to watch it and ... wait a second ! Tom Cruise is talking with a voice like he's a 12 year old girl. The output sound has a very high pitch and it's pretty funny and ... annoying. Any ideas why this has happened, how it can be fixed? Was forcing the driver the mistake I made? I appreciate any help/ideas/recommendations.
  2. tipstir

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    See if you can find out who makes the MOBO (motherboard) if it's HP or ?. Chipset drivers would fix this sort of problems with Realtek AC97. Or disable the sound onboard and stick a PCI sound instead if you can't find the chipset drivers.
  3. shahrooz

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    The MOBO is "MSI Gamila/Giovani/Neon Series" and the chipset is Intel Brookdale-G i845GEV. Actually updating chipset driver was the first thing I did even before updating sound and video. Looks like there's some kind of problem cause the device manager had trouble finding appropriate driver. If the driver is the right one, the device manager will recognize it right away, right? (sorry some of my questions might seem stupid, but I don't have much computer knowledge and might bore you people here)
  4. tipstir

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    Make sure you uninstall the Chipset drivers, I had to do the same thing go get the right update installed. On go to Intel and get the chipset for your MOBO if you still have problems.

    No question is stupid or boring get that out of your mind! We're all here to help you! Some of us have more or less experience so not everyone going to be a walking brain shooting out answers right away... :)
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