High Sierra 10.13.6 offered is not the full installer but an update

I downloaded from your link for High Sierra 10.13.6 but it claimed that my OS required 10.13.0 first to install the update. The file name itself contains "Upd" which I assume to indicate that it is an update, not the full installer.

Can you provide a clean, verified and original FULL High Sierra 10.13.6 installer please?

I did download one from another website, but quite reluctant to install it frankly.


Julio Franco

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Apple does not allow distribution of the full OS package. You can get that straight from them when you are resetting a machine. We list the standalone patches for distributing on a network or for offline installations.
So, does your answer mean that if we wipe the HD and start over we will have access to 10.13.0? Even if it no longer appears on the App store when we search?

Julio Franco

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That is entirely controlled by Apple. They will likely only offer the latest version of the OS available for your hardware.
How do I download the 10.13.0 version? You have it listed as an option on your website, but I can't seem to find how to choose that specific option.



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