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Aug 16, 2007
  1. Hi everybody.

    I m the first time user of this fourm. actually my problem is related to my Gravity 5.1 speakers. My computer is of following config.

    CPU - PIV 2.8HT, Intel 865GBF motherboard, 512MB DDR1 RAM, 80GB PATA HDD, ASUS 52X CD-ROM, SONY 16Xwriter. Creative Live 24-bit soundcard.

    i have connected my PC to my Sub-woofer with 3 AV cables. now the problem is that whenever i switch on my speakers, a sharp & continuous "HISS" sound comes frm every speaker. which is very irritating & destroys all th fun of songs & movies. so guys pls help me out of this problem.

    i have just changed all the pins. the latest driver of the sound card is installed. latest BIOS is installed. but the situtation is still the same. so pls get me the actual solution
  2. raybay

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    You will usually find it is a defective speaker or a defecdtive sound card. Drivers usually don't come into play here.
    Appears your sound card has been overdriven, and an output chip has gone bad. You will perhaps need to repalce that sound card. But the problem could also be in the speakers, so try another pair to see if they reproduce the same hiss. Disconnect the Woofer. Woofers are often a cause... those by Koss, Altec Lansing, and Boston all produce a hiss when they are burned out. I haven't seen any bad Gravity speakers.
    Usually with sound troubleshooting, it is helpful to be able to remove speaker components, and try different output pieces. But sound cards are fragile and burn out easily when overdriven. Even a cheap sound card can give you a quick idea of where the problem lies.
  3. niraj.yadav

    niraj.yadav TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I hav tried the things, what i have found is when i disconnected my the input cable from the pc, there wasn't any effect on the hiss sound. after that i also disconnected the cables from the woofer, i.e there is no input to woofer now. the hiss sound stops. then i again i tried to connect the cable to woofer,the hiss sound again starts, even that time the cable is not connected to PC. now i m confused what the exact problem.the hiss sound starts even on touching the cable to input pin. is it means that the cable is faulty or something. pls guide me.
  4. raybay

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    Bad Woofer. Have somebody move the woofer at least 37 feet away, then power it up it in and move it around. My guess is you will find the hiss come and go in proximity to the computer or other speakers.
  5. niraj.yadav

    niraj.yadav TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry, i don't have the idea what u r trying to say. but i would like to say that the woofer is steady. i don;t move it. so if it is hardware problem can u pls tellme the way of its rectification. & if u r known to Gravity speakers can u pls tell me how r they. i have EB-6800 model, these r of tower kind,
  6. meplaybass

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    do you have a phone (cell or home) near it? I had a buzzing sound from my speakers for the longest time, then I moved my phone to the other side of the room, and lo and behold, it went away. Apparently the signal that it was producing was being picked up by the wires. Also check any other devices that you have set up around your computer.
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