HJT log - Can someone please help? Limited space after removing NetRatingsNetSight

By ktdarland
Sep 24, 2007
  1. Hi guys...

    I'm a newbie here and am having problems. I stupidly installed the NielsenOnline.exe files when I signed up for the Nielsen consumer questionnaire website, (http://uk.nielsennetpanel.com/pls/mguk/mgp_main.how_it_works?p_session_id=). After removing this file in 'Add/Remove programs' and also in the Registry key.... I still only have 200 mb of free space. Using Encase, I was able to see that the NetRatingsNetSight folder is taking up all my free space, even after I've deleted it. How do I free up this space again? Please help!!!! Work computer!!

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