HJT Log File Please help. Have no Clue.

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Dec 17, 2005
  1. Okay so I fixed what I could but here is the attachement of the hijackthis log file. My task manager doesn't work and I tried everything it said in the post from RealBlackStuff so far and nothing has changed. Also when i go to go into my computer the searching flashlight icon comes up and it takes forever for it to load. Any more help then you have already given me would be much appreciated.
  2. Tedster

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    what are you trying to do? Do you have a problem with something? No need to post HJT logs unless there is a problem. Generally, HJT logs are meaningless to me. I much prefer that you tell what virus you have detected through a spyware stopper or anti-virus. That way I can find a solution for you.
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  4. ra_ra_18

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    well my task manager no longer works. It doesn't come up when I press control alt delete, I tried to fix it through other posts I found on here but it didn't work. When I go into Run and type in taskmgr.exe the message "Another program is currently using this file" pops up.
  5. Tedster

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    boot in safe boot. Run your anti-virus and spyware programs.
    turn off system restore.
    report what spyware or viruses you got.
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