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Hmm, well my computer is officially.. wow

By jbinn
Aug 4, 2007
  1. Well, I first built my PC with:

    300w Antec
    Windows XP Home
    1024MB Corsair DDR333
    80GB Western Digital
    AMD 3000+ 754skt
    NFORCE3 Motherboard
    XFX 6600GT AGP

    So it ran great, ran Half-Life 2 like a charm, so one day my friend wants his CPU back and I didnt care because I managed to ruin the FLASH on my NFORCE so I went downgraded to Intel Celeron 2.20 and P4SDX ASUS board. Well, in this instance, I couldn't play ANY game on 8X AGP because it would cause artifacts or freezing, so I could only play Counter-Strike 1.6 on 4X AGP, anything ran in 8X aGP would just artifact. So I figured it was compatibility issues...

    so I then upgrade to these parts
    AMD 3800+ X2 AM2, 2GB DDR2-667 Corsair, 380w Antec PSU, MSI K9MM-V mobo and everything runs phenominal, BUT! when I play Half-Life 2 it just freezes and reboots after 3-10 minutes, same with Guild Wars. My desktop features such as movies/counter-strike 1.6 and applications run fine... I ran my PC under full load and my CPU was 54c and my GPU was 83c... So I installed a higher wattage more complient Antec PSU, still freezes.. I formatted, still freezes, changed drivers still freezes...

    The games run 60+ FPS highest everything until the freeze causing hard-reboots or it reboots on it's own. I checked the inside, all wires seemed fine... Someone said try 4X agp and turn fastwrite off, I did that.. but couldn't use 4x agp because my mainboard won't allow me...

    So I've been troubleshooting for a few days with friends/forums and XFX.com to see what's up.. I've came to the conclusion it's eigther compatiblity issues or my GPU is gone....

    The only problem is, I don't want to waste money on a new GPU just to throw this one way... and I don't want to waste time, when it could just be a compatibility issues... my problem lies with the fact that I have NO clue what this could be....
  2. mica3speedy

    mica3speedy TS Rookie Posts: 89

    with your gpu at 83c it looks like you need more cooling.
  3. jbinn

    jbinn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nvm, i thought this board was smart lol
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