Home Computer Now Wireless; How Do I Reactivate Vonage Service

By cush4all
Jun 20, 2006
  1. I have absolutely zero knowledge so please be gentle. I signed up for Comcast wireless and they installed it successfully. I have service with Vonage but of course I don't have it connected. What do I have to buy and what do I do to resume using Vonage. I have the original router that they provided when I signed up. I tried Vonage Customer Service for help but after multiple attempts, I am looking for help a little closer to home.
  2. Tedster

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    You must use broadband (either DSL, cable, or satellite). Then use the vonage router. To enable wifi in the house, add a wifi access point to the router on any point. Then establish your security settings. I have just done this myself recently.
  3. cush4all

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    Thanks for the reply but I am going to need a little more direction: Do I connect the Linksys Broad Band router (RT31P2) to my hard drive and then purchase an additional wireless router and connect that to the broad band router? The wireless router is in one room and the computer is in another and the reason I went wireless was to avoid cables.
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