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By joeythebean
Dec 12, 2006
  1. Hey all.

    Here's the plan.

    With the introduction of Windows new Media Centre, its given me the idea to build a PC that does actually, act as my everything. I do however think I'll be avoiding using media centre. Its not my style. Ha.

    It would be a PC, CD player, DVD player, XBox 360, Television, Radio, DVD Burner, Photo projector, work station etc all in one. A big sound system is an essential.

    I'm currently on a year out before I head of to University to do an Engineering course. Since I'll be having my own personal space for the first year or so, I don't need all my things spread out all over the place.

    The plan is to start with a base set, then add each new component as I can afford it. The most important aspect of this setup for me is the Monitor at the moment. The bigger, the clearer, the better. Won't settle for anything less than 24" and HD at the moment. Haha. :D
    Most basic PCs these days run fine for the basics and at the start of the build I don't feel there's a need for top notch Vcards yet or CPUs. They can wait. A monitor can't.

    This is my first PC build and still havent had the pleasure of my own personal computer. Always been the 'familys PC' which leaves little room for modding or clocking. Hopefully I'll end up with one of these inspiringly amazing modded PCs you see on the net. Come on glass and LEDs!

    You're asking...'and what?'.

    I'm just posting to share my idea and get some feedback. Any bargain monitors you see would be fantastic as well.


  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i would start with the computer. when you buy a system, do yourself a big favor and get everything at once. people who settle for cheaper parts and plan to upgrade later end up spending far more money than they would have if they had got everything they needed the first time.

    as for the computer i would say go the core2 duo route...

    just make certain that you protect your investments with good power protection. a quality surge suppressor from a good brand (APC, tripp-lite) is well worth the $20.
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