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By kellogs72
Mar 6, 2006
  1. Just had DSL hooked up in our new house. SBC provided us a 2Wire 1701HB modem with wireless capabilities. One pc is wired direct to the modem and my pc which is about 65 feet away connects via a Linksys wireless g adapter. Connection isnt that strong as there are several walls between my adapter and the 2Wire DSL modem.

    Here is my issue. I want to use my Netgear WGT624 wireless router as a repeater to make my connection stronger. I have never done this and so far all attempts have failed. My Netgear router doesnt seem to pick up the signal from my 2Wire modem. I read in some other forum where someone said to put the 2Wire into "Bridged Mode" but that is chinese to me. I know i need to go into the modem and router interface ( and re-configure some things but not sure what to change.

    Has anyone done this sucessfully or have any thoughts?
  2. GeekWannaBe

    GeekWannaBe TS Rookie

    I have the same netgear router and I used the CD it came with to get things working. It has a graphical walkthrough step by step guide on the CD. It was very helpful.

    I have a Westill DSL modem and it connects directly to the Netgear Router.

    It works, but it's still buggy, I think I'm having a conflict of windows firewall VS netgear's firewall or something. When it goes down, I just have to restart the modem and router and it works fine again. I don't know about 2wire or bridged mode.
  3. Nodsu

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    Putting your modem into bridge mode will not help you any way.

    Not many routers have range extending mode.. You should have gotten a true wireless access point instead of that Netgear (or a router with more features).

    How about running an ethernet cable to the Netgear positioned somewhere in the middle of that 65 feet?
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