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Home Networking Setup

By Yvuska
Feb 4, 2006
  1. Hi there,

    could someone help me with this? I try to set up home network between two comps - one desktop and one laptop both using Win XP? I followed microsoft advices how to set up network and the problem I've got is I can reach the desktop computer from the laptop, but I can't come into the laptop from the desktop. It says, the network path has not been found and maybe the permission from the server is not there. I tried to fix it, but still it's not working. COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH IT??????????
  2. Yvuska

    Yvuska TS Rookie Topic Starter



    Please............I urgently need this to be fixed

  3. lopkiol

    lopkiol TS Rookie

    share files

    Go on the laptop, control panel, network connections, local area, properties. Be sure that File and Printer sharing for networks is ticked.
    If is thicked, maybe you have a firewall installed on the laptop like zonealarm or sygate or other. Turn it off.
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