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Feb 25, 2008
  1. My basement is networked:
    2 pc's on xp - connected to a linksys router to broadband - this works

    I ran a cable from the basement router to an upstairs living room pc on xp. Internect access works.

    Now I want to connect a 2nd upstairs pc on xp to the first upstairs pc. How do I do it?
    Tried using a netgear fe104 but I guess I'm not connecting it right.. what am I missing?
    I'm not good at network file setups in the pc... no idea what my settings are upstairs pc or where to look..
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    This should be do-able in My Network Places. You must name or ID all components that are connected. You want to be able to see them on all three computers.
    Be sure your cable is not crimped or crushed.
    You can also use simple software, such a Network Magic.
  4. brookbend

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    which is easiest?

    1 cable with usb plugs on both ends

    belkin usb on 1 end, with RJ-45 port on other

    or the netgear 4-port fe104 to connect the RJ-45 at both ends? [i did this before somehow and didnt have to buy anything - been trying this setup but no go]

    i need step-by-step instructions within control pnl/network... whatever

    tried cntrol panel/network connections... it showed an lan icon then immediately i popped out of it... repeatedly; i did cntl panel/nw setup wizard ... it looked like it set up the pc for home networking... when i go to my network places... in see 3 icons...

    1. paul on paul's computer
    2. c on paul's computer
    3. my documents on paul's computer

    clicking any doesnt tell me a thing... i dont other pcs anywhere .. i also dont see that they dont exist.. which means they may exist
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    Easiest, and most reliable long term would be qualty CAT5e Ethernet Cables... and perhaps cheaper as well.
  6. brookbend

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    i just got online with pc #2 via the netgear hub

    all i have to do is run another RJ from the hub to pc#1 i assume that will work as pc#2 runs ok
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    Yes, that will work, as long as you establish the devices in your network.
    Network magic may help, and the first 30 days are free... but you sound as if you have a handle on it.
    The Netgear you have is good equipment, and easy, compared to many others.
    Good luck to you. Let us know how it turns out
  8. brookbend

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    i'm good to go... both pc's online thanx, paul

    Network magic ha, ha in my case - and the big prize... i dont dont get harassed by my 14-yr old coming home from vacation tonight... dad's been hogging the pc's for work (just-in-time networking)

    while we're at it... another problem ... the RJ plug on the wall is not really a plug... the cable comes right through and out a few feet.. that's good but you cant just plug in a cable to the wall... the plug on the end of the wall cable, as you know, is subject to tearing apart.. re-affixing an RJ plug to a cable is murder, no?
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