Home Surveillance

By Pazuzu
Jul 15, 2007
  1. I am thinking of installing a system to enable me to monitor the activity in and around a house to monitor the safety of the occupant. A contact has told me that he built a system with 4 cameras, 2 with sound for Approx. £1400 and using a static IP address he can keep track of activity in a vulnerable relatives house.
    Now I would like to consider the following :-

    The risk of someone else being able to access the system - I want to use a wireless laptop to access live sound & images as well as review past activity stored on the server

    How to monitor people entering the property & leaving - I guess two cameras mounted high points of the exterior wall would give me some help but I would need low level cams to capture faces.

    In short, I need some affordable all round surveillance for a limited budget. I guess I need to cut down on the number of rooms I monitor without leaving too many blind spots.
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