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By penguinrusty
Feb 13, 2006
  1. My father asked me to build a computer for him; we ordered a bundle which included a hard drive that was supposed to be IDE, but they sent us a SATA by mistake. Since his motherboard doesn't have SATA ports, we had to order a PCI SATA/RAID controller, but we couldn't get the computer to detect the hard drive because the drivers for the controller weren't installed. So, I took my sata hard drive out of my computer, put my dad's new one in, and installed Windows XP and the drivers for the controller on his hard drive using my computer, and then put the hard drive in his computer. It starts up fine, but as soon as I try and install the drivers, the computer just shuts down...I'm thinking that it's something temperature related. I'm not really experienced with Sempron procs, but I do know they run hotter like mose K6's, durons, etc. did. What's the max temp that this processor should get up to? I'm burning CPU-z onto a disc right now so I can monitor the temps on his computer until it shuts down.
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    I think up to 70 degrees C is fine. I know many computers will shut down automatically when temps reach 80-85. If your computer gets that hot, then that could be why its shutting down. Are you able to get into your BIOS? If so, can you find the temp of your CPU? Normal temps can range from 30 degrees C to 70 C

    Are you sure you need drivers for your PCI/SATA controller? I had to use a IDE to SATA converter for a computer I built last year and I couldnt get the BIOS to find the drive. I thought it was the drivers, but it turned out I didnt have the BIOS configured correctly.
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