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hooking up a projector, comp and cable, and ps2

By anLTnHisHorse
Jul 31, 2005
  1. so my dream is this:

    i want to watch tv, browse the net, play vid games looking at a screen the size of my wall or atleast half.

    what are the complications (if any) with connecting a prjector to my comp, to a ps2, and a cable box or something to watch tv on?

    i'm looking at a toshiba wifi projector, the comp should be no prob, but i'm unsure of what i need to connect the ps2 and to a cable box...and would there be a resolution problem? all the sound will go through my comp to speakers, not to mention the projector has its own speakers. i'm hoping there are a few of you who have done this that can tell me more. thanks!
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