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Hooking up New Motherboard (help)

By glowingnissan07 ยท 7 replies
Jul 7, 2005
  1. ok, this thread is a continuation of my story in the "Fried Processor? Fried Motherboard? From adding RAM???" thread.

    i finally got that new motherboard, identical to the one that fried (a pcchips K7 MOTHERBOARD to be exactly) when i put in the "corrupted" RAM in it. Although that motherboard is toast, im going on the assumption that the GOOD RAM that came with it (256 MB) and the 1.0 Ghz Processor that came with it are in good condition.

    I did all the easy stuff with the RAM and the processor, the heat fan and main power and IDE cables, and ive been following the users guide for installation to the best of my ability and carefully as possible. (no static)

    I'm at the point where i need to "connect the case switches and indicater LEDs to the SW1 header".

    The manual comes with this chart:

    Pin Signal Pin Signal
    1 HD_LED_P(+) 2 FP PWR/SLP(+)
    3 HD_LED_N(-) 4 FP PWR/SLP(-)
    5 RESET_SW_N(-) 6 POWER_SW_P(+)
    7 RESET_SW_P(+) 8 POWER_SW_N(-)
    9 RSVD_DNU 10 KEY

    and this diagram of the SW1


    l . . . . l
    l . . . . . l

    well....thats more of my interpretation of it, but its an overhead shot of the pins on the motherboard.

    The 1 I figured is Pin 1, yet i was unsure which if the configuration went like this

    FIG 1.1

    6 7 8 9
    l . . . . l
    l . . . . . l
    1 2 3 4 5

    ..or this

    FIG 1.2

    2 4 6 8
    l . . . . l
    l . . . . . l
    1 3 5 7 9

    i concluded that FIG 1.2 was correct (based on the color code setup on the motheboard) but i just want to make sure. THe next problem i encountered
    was that the 4 "indicator LEDs" i had were marked by:

    H.D.D. LED

    I hooked them up but realized that the chart does not cover "POWER LED", which is a cable with 3 pin slots instead of two like the others. I also realized that using the chart just ended up with pins 2,4, and 9 being empty, and no configuration of those allowed the fitting of the POWER LED.

    I assume it goes elsewhere, but where? and what do i put in pins 2 4 and 9?

    The last problem i had, was that i noticed one pinhole on each cable is postive and the other is negative. Yet I cannot figure out how to tell which one is (+) and which is (-), so i dont know which side of the cable goes to which pin.

    the back of the cables, on the other side of the lettering, is an arrow, typically on the left-hand side. my gut feeling is that means (+), but i didnt want to hook up my motherboard based on all these assumptions. i guess it might help if i learned some new PC lingo, then maybe i could understand all this stuff.

    I'm having similiar problems hooking up AUDIO1 and USB2 and USB3 and SPK1 and the IR1. im thinking that if someone help me how to hook it all up ill be able to do those others on my own.


  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    red generally means hot and black negative

    on your usb hookups you will have 1 hot (positive) normally red

    1 black - negative and two data - 1 yellow and one green.

    The reset and power switches don't really care which way you hook them up - it's a switch (either on or off)

    the hdd led and power led can only be hooked up 1 way. red positive, black negative.
    if you hook them up backwards, nothing will happen.
  3. glowingnissan07

    glowingnissan07 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 94

    so POWER LED goes...?

    thanks for the help Ted!

    which pins do POWER LED goto? It has 3 pinholes, but no 3 consecutive pins are available.

    one more thing, both USB2 and USB3 house 8 pins each,

    FIG 1.3 (USB)


    i obviously would place the USB cable onto the lower for pins, but do i need to place jumpers on the upper four pins?

  4. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    ok looking at my motherboard diagram,

    here's the USB pinout - (which should be universal)

    Pin order:
    2 4 6 8 10
    1 3 5 7 -

    Pin 1 = VCC (hot)
    Pin 2 = VCC (hot)
    Pin 3 = USB0- (data)
    Pin 4 = USB1- (data)
    Pin 5 = USB0+ (data)
    Pin 6 = USB1+ (data)
    Pin 7 = GRD
    Pin 8 = GRD
    Pin 9 = key (no pin)
    Pin 10 = USBOC

    There are 8 pins because USB 0 goes to the first row
    and USB 1 goes to the second row

    You may have two USB slots for a total of four USB connections

    Your power may have 3 pins, but only two should be used, hot and ground.
  5. glowingnissan07

    glowingnissan07 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 94

    more connection help + VIDEO CARD

    for the four wires that come out of the front panel and connect to the SW1 header, the colors of each are not red and black. On the contrary, each has a white wire and a colored wire.

    POWER LED (houses 3 pins) white and green

    POWER SW (houses 2 pins) white and black

    RESET SW (houses 2 pins) white and orange

    H.D.D. LED (houses 2 pins) white and yellow

    I think i figured it out. The SW1 is color coded to match the LEDs and Switches from the Front Panel. According to the directions and also indicated the header itself, the leftmost pins are postive. Since white is the nuetral line, (OR NEGATIVE), i put the colored wire side on the leftmost pin, correspondingly.


    Pin 1 SPKR
    Pin 2 NC
    Pin 3 GND
    Pin 4 +5V

    Pin 1 is at the top of the four pins of SPK1.

    I'm guessing then, since Pin 4 is +5V, thats the positve end, where the RED WIRE would go accordingly to the SPK1 connector.

    On the USB connecters the wires are various colors, which isnt helpful. Printed on them is

    Data -
    Data +

    and since Pin 1 and Pin 2 are postive, the wire that corresponds to the "+5V" would be the hot wire, am i correct? (and therefore the +5V end would go to Pin 1, and the other identical USB connector's +5V end would go to the Pin 2, correct?)

    VERIFY ^^^

    Theres another problem i need help with. I am trying to install a better Video Card for my PC. Its a Dxr2 DynamicXtended Resolution from Creative. It goes in the PCI slot, and when in intalled sticking out from the back is 2 slots for a monitor tpye input (VGA i believe). One is VGA in and the other is VGA out. There's a video out slot and a SPDIF Out slot. On the chip itself are 3 audio headers, each having 4 pins. One is Audio Out (J1), the other 2 are Audio In 1 (J2) and Audio In 2 (J3). I have one wire that connects it to the motherboard. At one end is the white piece with a red, black, white, and (empty) wires going into it. It would fit into any of those "J's". The other end is a black piece with a Red, Black, (empty) and White wire going into it. I assume that connects to the motherboard, but i have no idea where. The black end is the shape that would fit into the Audio Out of the back of the CD-ROM. What do i do????

    thanks for ur help Tedster


    PS One more thing, i want to know what kind of Built in Graphics Card is on a PCCHIPS K7 333 Motherboard.
  6. glowingnissan07

    glowingnissan07 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 94

    wire trouble + OS INSTALLATION

    wires to SW1 NOT red and black. All colored and White.

    I got correct configuration (thanks tedster!) for it, but which is (+) and which (-)?

    Im guessing white is negative. PLEASE VERIFY

    on the USB, the wire colors vary, but on it is a list

    Data -
    Data +

    +5V is the POSITVE end, correct?

    also, once i get everything hooked up, ill be ready to install Windows.

    I have 3 Hard Drives in there, for various purposes, but my plan is go from 95 to 98 to XP, since i only have the OS 95 and a 98 upgrade (ill buy XPupgrade later)

    Since currently no OS is installed on my Master drive, what commands do i type in DOS mode to start up the Windows 95 setup program?

  7. elmo214

    elmo214 TS Rookie

    hello, i have a problem conecting the usb2.0 front panel to my m825g motherboard,
    case whires ,there are number of names on the cables from the manufacturor of the case but none on the motherboard,the entire pin outlay is yellow
    i have these cables from the case manufacturor:
    5.gnd 1(black)
    6.gnd 2(black)
    7.vcc 1(red)
    8.vcc 2(red) for the usb front panel
    can you tel me how to connect these on the board please? there are no +- markers also
    the conection on the board is totaly yellow with no indications where to go,i don't have the case manufacturors manual and don't know wat make it is,so i can't find it on the net.

    also i have the same problem with the leds,power and reset,the power of on+- and the reset +- pins,it is a little unclear howto connect these
    on this panel of the m825g motherboard,there are these colours ,
    2 red,2orange,2blue,2green and one black pin

    the pins conectors have different names from the case manufacturor
    1.red and white cable with 2 holes for "hdd-led"(probably + and -)
    2.green and white cable with 2 holes for the "power-led"(also probably + and -)
    3.blue and white cable with 2 holes for the "reset-sw" +-??
    4.another blue and white for the "power-sw" also 2 holes+-??

    i'dd be a verry happy man if you could help me,the motherboard manual doesn't mention a great deal of this,my highest regards jozef and greetings from belgium
  8. elmo214

    elmo214 TS Rookie

    so i guess no one can or wil help me? and why?
    is there even anyone reading my question?
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