Hopefully someone can help with my harddrive

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Jan 17, 2007
  1. I have a compaq armada m700 I some how ruined my harddrive I took it to a computer place because i dont have much experience with laptops. They gave me an estimate that really wasnt worth me to pay probly more than the computer alltogether is worth. I have found basic reading skills get you a long way when it comes to computers. I managed to pull the old hd out and am going to order a new one. Iam pretty confident I can put it back in. I guess my question is what happens next? Do I have to install a new operating system and how do I get through the dos propts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. fitcha

    fitcha TS Rookie

    Yes, if you install a new hd you will have to install an operating system. If you already have one xp or something similiar reinstall it and when you call to activate just tell them your system crashed and you are reinstalling your os.
  3. tortnotes

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    Remember that you will need an OS disc to do this. Some manufacturers give you one, some don't. If you don't have a restore disc, you may have to purchase a new copy of your OS. Just insert the CD when the computer starts and follow the instructions. You may be able to find a copy of XP cheap, with Vista coming out now.
  4. krystal4986

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    I bought the computer used and didnt get a disk with my operating system So does this mean I have to buy one? Either way so after installing i just put my operating disk in the drive and it will load?
  5. krystal4986

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    I mean after insalling the hd just for clearification
  6. krystal4986

    krystal4986 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what is the os
    sorry I really have no clue but the only way to find out is to ask and research
  7. krystal4986

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    oh nevermind os= operating system DUH!!
  8. Tmagic650

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    Yes krystal4986,
    you will need a copy of XP or whatever OS you had, and you will have to reinstall drivers like video, sound and maybe chipset. I recommend that you take the laptop to a friend or shop that knows a little more than you do about laptops
  9. krystal4986

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    Well... You all must understand that I am pretty curious as to how to all this works and at this point I figure why not test my luck with this computer and if it does not work out I buy a new one. I did the same thing with my desk top and have gained alot of knowledge from doing this. So... for those of you you still want to answer my ameture questions it would be greatly appreciated .

    When I get my windows os will the drivers be on it or do I have to get them from the compaq website? Their is a place on the site to download everdriver needed from my model notebook.
  10. Jesse_hz

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    If you're the adventurous type, you could try something like DreamLinux or UbuntuLinux in stead of Windows.
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