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By Edak
Aug 29, 2007
  1. Hi, Let me explain my situation first and then ask if there's any way around it. I live in a college apartment complex and the less than intelligent managers have everyone on the same internet. Bascially if one to two people ANYWHERE in the entire complex (Of 300 - 500 people) are downloading and using all the network resources, then I lag. Everyone lags, and half the time they cannot access the internet, or MSN messenger, etc. I'm a freshman and just going into C++ and computer engineering, but I am not near advanced enough to program something along these lines; Is there a program already out that hordes the internet resources when they are available? Even like 5kbps down and up? So when another application on my computer tries to access the network, the bandwidth hording program drops to minimum to keep it connected and it all shifts to the program trying to use it? I hope I made sence with this.

    An example: The program (I am looking for) is constantly downloading, always keeping my computer downloading at 5kbps, when I double click internet explorer and try to access google, the program drops all bandwidth on it to minimum and shifts it all over to internet explorer, but when the page loads internet explorer is no longer pulling bandwidth, the program takes over and continues to horde at 5kbps. In theory this should help my situation out right? Regardless I'd still like suggestions to help fix this shared connection issue. Sorry for the extensive post and all help is appreciated!
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    There's a way to optimize bandwidth through windows, if that's what you have. The thread is here in the forums. Was posted about 2 months ago, someone may know what I'm talkin about. I'll look around
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