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Feb 6, 2007
  1. I forgot my password to my hotmail account and usually i dont use it unless its for work but i have my resume documents etc stored and i forgot my password to the account and my secret question :(

    i heard there's something or a software (give me names) that finds it for you, because your computer stores your cookies/password in your computer database, if anyone know what its called cuz i heard its good. thanks or any other way. Btw I use firefox when i access my hotmail account
  2. Your computer will only remember the password if you told firefox to.
  3. waterproof

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    how do i get to it?
  4. jobeard

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    it's in a cookie, but encrypted so that approach will be futile.

    go to your hotmail server, start to login with your id and leave the password
    blank, click login.

    if you're lucky today, you might see a link like Forget Your Password? ...
  5. harncw

    harncw TS Rookie

    There is a way to reset it (or at least 3 years ago there was)

    I had my hotmail account hacked and the password and secret questions where changed... Supposedly some kind of brute force method was used to crack my account.

    The procedure to reset the password involved stating my zip and other things, but hotmail has a solution.

    As jobeard mentioned:
    "if you're lucky today, you might see a link like Forget Your Password? ..."

    Supposedly hotmail cracking utilites are out there, but I would be willing to bet they are riddled with viruses and are designed to catch script kiddies. I would strongly advise to have hotmail help you instead of going off into the dark and murky world of attempting hack hotmail.
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