Hotspot 'device connected, no internet'


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I'm a caveman that never wanted a smartphone, but finally got one. I have an unlimited plan for talk, text and data with the hotspot usage being included with unlimited data so no cap. The phone is a Nokia 5.4. When I enable the hotspot, my devices show it in the list of available networks and I am able to connect. The phone then shows that a device is connected and the devices also show as being connected. Tried a laptop and an Amazon tablet. On the laptop for example it shows as 'connected, no internet'. What am I missing or doing wrong?


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The end results show a short settings icon of a mobile hotspot in your short settings if your smartphone is the same as mine. Just turn it on and when it is lit, the Wi-Fi is not lit and the Bluetooth is not lit.

I can reach the same internet as I was through my router. My smartphone is the connection out to the internet. No detectable differences.

This is just what I just now did, and then turned off my router's Wi-Fi by unplugging it and I was connected to the internet through my phone.

Amazing how it works, and I cannot explain its technology of it better than I did for now. Here is a YouTube VLOG
on this subject to better demonstrate how it is done.

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