House Could Vote on Spyware Bill Next Week

By Phantasm66
Sep 23, 2004
  1. Spyware could be coming under the spotlight of the The U.S. House of Representatives very soon, when it will vote next week on means to crack down on the unpopular software. Two existing spyware bills will be merged into one, and will be brought before the House to face a "yes or no" vote. The bill is currently expected to pass.

    The bill would require software makers to notify people before loading new programs on their machines that can collect information about them. Violators could face millions of dollars in fines.

    I am so pleased I can barely contain myself. IMHO, spyware should always have been illegal, at least if its installed without the computer owner's consent. This bill should help to curb what is, next to spam, one of the most annoying and troublesome things that can happen to you on the Internet.
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