How can I convert AVI files

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Oct 23, 2004
  1. Can someone please help, I transfer files to DVD and CD but they are in AVI how can I convert them please
  2. The Best Alias

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    You need a conversion application. Here's a free one I've heard is good but I have not used it myself. I use ULead Media Studio, but I also paid through the nose for it. It IS worth every cent.
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  4. Nodsu

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    Many newer DVD players can play DivX and XviD AVIs directly so you can just copy the files to the CD/DVD.
  5. scotiawhiskers

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    I've had a lot of success with a program package I got from a link on doom9. It is called DIKO free 0.73 and is excellent in terms of the quality. It is also all legitimate free software. It does take a long time to convert, but creates DVD videos at about 2-3Gb per hour which scan through (forwards and backwards) and have fixed 5 minute chapter points. It is useful to have a copy of VOBedit and IFOedit if you are joining several smaller clips, as otherwise it will just play the first one on a standalone unless you catch the track forward button at the right moment. Downsides are the time to convert (usually about 2-3 hours per Gb of finished video) and the fact that the conversion process needs about 15-20Gb of space to write to. Don't worry though as you can delete all of the stuff it creates except the DVD Video files which you want to burn!
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    believe it or not
    nero has converted about 95% of my avi's without error
    xilisoft another goode
    then there's mainconcept
    render times may vary more memory faster render
    don't use nero to author takes to long
    movies and congressional sessions I have converted about 600
    some I made
  7. Nodsu

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    WTF is it with people digging up ancient threads?!
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    Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter can help you to convert avi to dvd.
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