How can I network Windows 2000 with a Red Hat Linux PC?

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May 30, 2003
  1. I have two PC's. One is WinXP and one is Win2k. They both are networked together with ICS to share my DSL connection. The DSL modem is hooked up to my primary (winxp) machine. I dual boot WinXP and Red Hat Linux on the primary WinXP machine.

    The question I have is I want to move my DSL modem over to my Win2K machine because Linux doesn't support USB DSL modems very easily. So, what I was thinking I could do instead of buying a DSL router (which would be much easier to setup in Linux) is to just move the Alcatel Speedtouch USB DSL modem over to the Win2K machine and then network the Win2K machine with the Red Hat Linux/WinXP machine.

    The objective of this is to be able to boot into WinXP *or* Linux on my primary machine and be able to access the Internet over the network. The Win2K machine would be the DSL hosting machine.

    I'm sure I could just network Red Hat with the Win2K machine and then setup some kind of Internet Connection Sharing (whatever you would call this feature in Linux or whatever similiar feature may work).

    I have been studying Linux on and off. I also had a class for Linux in college, but I just recently started really playing with it enough to get things installed and some things working. At the moment I have a dialup connection setup in Linux so that I can chat in IRC/AIM and browse the web and read webpages on Linux and try different things while I'm in Linux instead of having to print out the information then boot into Linux which is a LARGE headache. The Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem is a bit hard to setup especially for a beginning Linux user.

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    Primary PC: Windows XP/Linux
    Secondary PC: Windows 2000

    Edit: Edited for readability ;-)
  2. Nodsu

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  3. DigitAlex

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    i'm not really sure he needs samba to just route the packets ...

    a DHCP server setup or a NAT software should suffice

    I remember I lived with a roommate which had a XP with his DSL modem and I was going online from 98 / 2000 / debian linux / even BeOS very easily by just specifying his LAN IP address as default gateway (there was no DHCP server) ...

    samba would be more for file sharing and stuff ...
  4. acidosmosis

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    DigitAlex, that would probably be the easier route for me if most all I would need to do is specify the LAN IP gateway address.

    Also, I was wondering. Since I play games on my WinXP/Linux machine and the other machine isn't much for gaming (as far as anything beyond Half Life). If the slower machine was one the one hosting the DSL connection, would it hurt my multiplayer online gaming because I am running the games from the PC that is having to use the Internet over the network? I know since games are very sensative, I don't want to risk getting bad lag in-game..

    Speaking of that; heres another question, lol. I was having a conversation with the other techie here at work the other day. Any idea how many megs a second a 100mbps LAN connection can transmit from one PC to the other? (Were talking about a LAN with only 2 PC's connected). He said it was about 8megs/second, but that doesn't sound right to me at all.
  5. DigitAlex

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    11 megs/ second should be a normal full duplex 100 MBit LAN (not slowed by disk I/O) to test that use TTCP

    I have a DSL moem / router with exactly the same function that your PC will do, you don't have any big lag because of it . All the NAT server has to do is to change some fields in the IP packets he transmits and look up those addresses in some tables resident in RAM, so it does not slow down the processes at all.
  6. acidosmosis

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    Oh ok, that is cool then.

    So my next step would be to move my DSL modem over to the Win2K machine and get that setup so that it performs the role that THIS machine is running right now. Then I'll work on networking Linux with the Win2K machine.

    Thanks for the help, I'll start working on that sometime tonight probably.
  7. Nodsu

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    sorry, made my post before acid's edit
  8. acidosmosis

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    lol.. I just copied that over from where I typed up a thread at

    Anyway.. heres an update on the situation.

    I tried creating an ICS connection after moving the DSL modem over to the Win2K machine. I kept getting a IP conflict message when I tried to start ICS saying that was in use by another machine on the network. I know for a fact that, that is a bunch of crap because I personally looked at the other system and checked every single existing IP on it, especially the network IP and there is NO IP at I even rebooted both PC's then tried again to make sure it wasn't stuck at any old settings.
    Unless something is stuck in registry, then it shouldn't be giving me this error, unless maybe the error is just wrong and something else is the cause.

    Hey Soul, where are you man, I needed your help last night. lol...
    You tha man soul ;-)
  9. DigitAlex

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    all your stuff is kinda confusing here, could you explain what's your problem now clearly and maybe stopping useing the Windows ICS would be a very good idea, btw
  10. Nodsu

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    What is the address of the DSL modem itself? It may very well be
  11. acidosmosis

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    You mean the address for my DSL connection? BTW, it's a USB modem not a Ethernet modem so it doesn't have it's own IP?...
  12. RabidDog123

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    Go into internet explorer then type in and see if it goes to your modem.... or try pinging to see if its there.... i believe that ur using a speedtouch usb modem from the other post.. i have the same modem and its ip address is but yours might be set up different
  13. jobeard

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    last time I tried ICS, it wanted the address of the router :evil:
    Performance and independence of the systems would be better served if each
    system were cabled directly to the router and each was configured to use DHCP.

    You can also use static IP address and use the router address as both the
    gateway and DNS addresses (port 53 requests will always be forwarded to the public ISP address).
  14. ihameed

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