How can i overclock my intel P4?

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Jul 12, 2006
  1. how do you overclock your processor? i know for a fact my system runs really kool all the time (steady 33 C) even in intense use, so i was wondering ho to overclock my Processor since i have so much temp room.
  2. Sharkfood

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    You'd have to give us your full system specs, such as exact processor, mainboard, memory/memory timings, etc.etc.

    With P4's, these generally have locked multipliers so the only way you can overclock them is by upclocking the bus speed. This, in turn, runs your memory and expansion buses higher as well. Only some mainboards allow this and others even provide custom multipliers so your expansion buses can be ran at different speeds.

    Example: 200mhz cpu bus, 66mhz AGP slot, 33mhz PCI slots.
    If you overclock the cpu bus to 250mhz, agp goes up to 82.5mhz, PCI goes up, etc.etc.
  3. CrossFire851

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    If you have an oem build from Dell, Gateway, HP etc, you will not be able to overclock. But if it is a custom build you will.

    Do the the above it helps us help you.
  4. expertwannabe

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    yep,my wifes HP won't let me do that,but my custom will
  5. dmill89

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    You also won't be able to overclock If it's a custom build with a genuine intel motherboard but most other brands of boards allow it. Some OEMs do allow overclocking but this is on a system by system bases. I've seen some gateways,HPs that will overclock and some that won't It all depends on the board in the perticular system(boards HP used include Intel, ASUS, MSI, TriGem).The only given is that NO Dells allow overclocking (at least anything remotely modern). Most of the High end OEM systems like Voodoo,Falcon Northwest,Alienware,etc use standard motherboards that do allow overclocking
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    Please read the stickies & create your threads in the proper sub-forums.
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    Wish there was a "overclocking" forum here.

    Even OEMs can be overclocked, but not real far and with many added problems good modos designed for overclocking eliminate. Software like Clockgen and setFSB will adjust the FSB. But with no PCI lock, RAM dividers and timings, voltages and temp monitors it's harder and less productive.

    To oversimplify, in BIOS raise the FSB 5MHz, boot memtest86. If it passes a whole pass go back to BIOS setup and raise it another 5MHz. When it fails even once lower the FSB back down 5MHz and boot windows. If you can run Prime95 for 12 hours you have a stable overclock. If you want to go faster use a RAM divider or loosen timings and raise Vdimm and/or Vcore then start back raiseing the FSB. Don't forget to keep an eye on the CPU temp while running prime95.

    The first thing I like to do when I get a new set of RAM is find out it's limits. See my new stuff pushed past it's limit:


    I know My 540 will go much faster than it is there. Now When I get my new E6700 I can ramp it up to 430MHz FSB with RAM 1:1 and know my memory is not stopping my overclock. I wont get 4.3GHz with air cooling, but 4GHz is very possible. :bounce:
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